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Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish American spy

Published on 06 May 2021 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish American spy was convicted of passing Americas Top Secret, classified documents to Israel.

Benjamin Netenyahu has been exerting Israeli pressure on the United States of America to let this Jewish American who was caught playing Spy Games for the benefit of a foreign country against an alleged ally.

Israel calls their American Jew a hero for it (Of course. Many in the United States of America believe he should have received a life sentence for his treachery.

Israel further rubs Americas nose in the fact that a Jewish American puts Israel ahead of his allegiance to America. And if Americans express the fact that Jewish Americans cannot be trusted in key positions...What will we hear back?

History is repeating itself. Over 260 countries throughout history have classified Jews as hostile domestic terrorists for far less than what Israel displays on a regular basis.

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 4 months ago

No such thing as a Jewish American.

"There are no English, French, German or American Jews, but only Jews living in England, France, Germany or America."

-- Chaim Weizmann

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