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Jordan Maxwell - ISRAEL = ISIS-RA-EL

Melissa Lev
Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In Israel / Zionism
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Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight 17 days ago (edited)

In the native languages (Egyptian , Hebrew, and Phoenician) the alphabet isn't the same as English a more modern freemason-created language. The chances of this wordplay translating "El, Isis and Rah" would be impossible to spell out 'Israel" Hebrew word, (spelled in English) from those root Phenocean Sanskrit (similar to Chinese word-shapes) and Egyptian hieroglyphics (no words, just pictures or pictographs) to somehow to translate the sounds into actual Hebrew words language, yet using English translation of Israel is beyond logically flawed. Jordan Maxwell a jew uses a lot conjecture and word plays to push his ideologies. Much like Zecharia Sitchin, (another jew) neither are taken very serious by acedemics, but popular with subculture on book tours and speaking lechtures.

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