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Jordan Peterson Dismantled

Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

This is not only about Peterson but the agenda behind him.

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1933HWR1945 5 months ago

Thanks for posting this. Jordan Pederson is most definitely a snake and our white brothers and sisters need to be warned off his snake oil.

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Steelmidnight 5 months ago

I had this up on Bitchute (Thanks Europa Resurrected). I had two friends who were followers of this Jewish fraud "Jordan Peterson" (I have his Jewish name in my notes somewhere, Ill see if I can find it). His job is to preach rampant individualism, and keep whites from uniting as a BROTHERHOOD! He tells you to "clean your room" instead of saying "Stand up for your survival".

Jordan Peterson
Steven Crowder
Salty Cracker
Camelot Daily (Shows alot of truth, but weaves in the lie that whites are Japeth and Jews are semites, when the truth is, Ham, Japeth, and Shem were ALL whites. Japeth was absorbed into Shem through the Greek alliance with Judah/Zerah marriage, while Ham was cursed, and lived among the niggers in Africa, which is where niggers REALLY got some of their European DNA. ALL whites were absorbed as one people with the new covenant of "Christianity" so that there is no longer a house of Israel, but a covenant brotherhood of the children of light)

Back to the list-

Black Pidgeon Speaks
Ben Shapiro (duh....But SO MANY whites follow this POS)
Prager University
Steven Moleneux
Jared Taylor
Richard Spencer
Stormfront (The guys who run it are "Weeve" who is Jewish, and a half breed mongrel)
Donald Trump
Tucker Carlson (I know alot of people like him but he MUST know about the Jews and their agenda, and since he avoids discussing them, he is a controlled op)
No Bullshit (A Jew hosts that show)
Athiesm is Unstoppable (yes, he exposes alot of stuff that needed to be exposed, but he is a Jew.)

The list goes on, and on, and on.


Jews are the ones who came up with the term "Shitposting" to downgrade and denigrate posting and commenting and talking online...But think about it? WHY would the Jew spend billions to monitor, manipulate, censor, and troll and shill online discussions and "shitposts"?

Because this can be an extremely powerful and important WEAPON if we use it right.

Yes, we should comment here, and fellowship, and make friends (and weed out the enemies) but we should ALSO spend some of our time going into the serpents den (Mainstream social media) seek out those who are discontent and seeking answers, and bring them back here.

A few years back, people were waking up organically, and it was spreading like wildfire. Gotmitts and WP among others probably remember this time period. It was a hopeful time. Trump had broken nearly every promise and people were disillusioned with that scumbag. Shills were scrambling to keep control of things but people were learning that the Jew were destroying the west more and more....The perspective of America and Europe was shifting in our favor, and so the Jew, in a panic, pulled the plug with heavy handed mass censorship EVEN on Bitchute which until that point was a free speech platform.

With THIS platform, we have a real chance. We need to support it, donate if we can, keep it growing, and SEEK OUT and recruit the discontent....We can shift the perspective in the west BACK into our favor. We can undo the slander and demonization we have endured from these damned Jew. We can show the WORLD what the non white hordes REALLY are, and what kind of danger they are in....We can not only survive, but we can thrive and win this war, if we all do all we can to make it happen.

I believe in God, thats no secret....But I ALSO believe in all of you (Minus the snakes slithering around concerned with a n awakening brotherhood). The Jew SHOW us how to win this war by want they DO or DONT want us to do. YOU and I are not helpless in this war. Each of us can make a difference. We just have to want to win, as intensely as the Jew want to see us destroyed!

God bless and protect you all!

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Tell me about it! The only reason I came over here was because I got banned by American renaissance 8 times for posting facts on the Jews and promoting Christianity! There are some really good commenters over there that I enjoyed talking to but the people who run the comments section are subversives! The guy who was in charge of the commenting platform was a guy named Chris Roberts! He didn’t like the fact that I exposed that the Jesuits were a evil Jewish organization due to the fact that he grew up a Jesuit. Any comment I made about the Holocaust was removed and any comment on Christianity I made was also removed. I feel like spamming their comment section sooner or later. Maybe we can get some guys from this website to spam amren’s comment section with truths on Jews and Christianity.

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago


you know what I saw yesterday on

The very top of the video feed, there was a live streaming of the movie Casino, starring Robert Deniro.

The movie was being streamed under some kind of titled link.
Maybe it was a website feature.

But, the link above the movie said, "for the goys to watch".
Or, something to that effect.

No joke, saw it yesterday.

I know it's a double-sided joke.
But, maybe it's their way of laughing at us for using their website.

IDK, personally.
I actually enjoy GOYIM.TV.

If anyone knows anything, please feel free to let me know.

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yardfowl 5 months ago

Excellent post brother!

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Steelmidnight 5 months ago

@NewWorldCircus: Some of the writers may be real, and MANY of the visitors are real, but its run by Jewish subversives. Someone I trust with my life told me. But thats just me, others can draw their own conclusions.

The one thing you NEED to watch out for, is people who make TOO MUCH of a joke of our situation. Humor is fine, exposing things-even better, but the ONE THING these subversives will NEVER discuss, is our options, unless its something illegal they can get you arrested for, to add to their "hate lists".

But we DO have options. There ARE solutions to our problem that are not insane, impossible pie in the sky solutions. I listed some of them above....And I am planning a get together soon with people I hand picked that will be getting messages from me telling them where and when) to discuss OTHER options (Sorry Jewish Agents and feds, we wont be discussing anything illegal....Come if you want but you will be wasting your time LOL). We are FAR from helpless in this war....And we have been running around in the echo chambers they forced us into for far too long. Ill leave it at that for now- Just know that this is far from over. In fact, its yet to begin. And if they start breaking the law and seizing law abiding citizens for expressing our constitutional rights, well....We will make sure the nation KNOWS thats for sure. You can do alot with the will to succeed. And there are MANY of us who would rather die fighting and free, then live as shackled slaves to these snakes!

God bless!

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Steelmidnight 5 months ago

@Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest: Yeah, I learned REAL quick they were subversives.

I sometimes write various articles. Donated several (I NEVER ask for payment, I do this because its something that needs doing) to websites like Incogman (before he buddied up with a Jew) Christians for Truth, and many on my own former website "Lifting the veil" if any of you were members there, "Midnight Black" was me. A play on the "2 minutes to midnight" doomsday clock where its niggers and not nukes we should be worried about. The name worked well for getting around on Liberal channels working to shake them awake (Its funny, because they see "Black" and dont know if they should ban or not LOL)

Anyways, I wrote a great article on immigration if I do say so myself, and another called "If its truth, is it still Bigotry",,,,And in BOTH I got a response that they would only publish if certain paragraphs were redacted. And the ones in red highlight were, of course, in reference to the Jews. A friend of my wifes family, Dr. David Duke, was also shouted down and removed from a seminar hosted by Amren, as soon as he brought up the Jews. He sent us a clip of the engagement and whoo, boy did they FLIP when he brought them up.

And no, Dr. Duke is NOT controlled op. He used to come and drink coffee with my wifes mom. Nice guy but he IS a politician at heart (Meaning, although he is awake to the Jews and cares about his race, he also watches his words carefully as so "not to offend"....Personally, I think worrying about what the non whites do or dont want to hear was part of what got us INTO this mess....But in our day I see why they do so. When Jews opened the floodgates for niggers to vote, it FORCES our political leaders to watch what they say instead of speaking the truth.

But truth is exactly what we need to work towards....The Jew thrive on lies and deceit. They are the polar opposite of the white race, and with a sword of truth, we can cut this snake from the sons of the living God- the white Adamic peoples!

God bless.

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest


I agree and great comment. I might put some spam up on amren to get some of my friends over there to switch over and come here. God I can’t stand Chris Roberts! He is a fucking shill!

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GottMitUns 5 months ago

@NewWorldCircus: Well I enjoy GTV as much as I enjoy a toilet flushing.

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Truepremise 5 months ago

Devil's-Son-Odalism-Thalology is a Cosmology that exists preceding all the cosmologies. Also, The Blood-Covenant-Of-The-7/Seven-Brothers-Of-Legend IS LITERALLY not in absolute agreement with your comments....

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249 = Actual-Independence-
250 = Eisen-Eternal-Self-All-As-Destiny

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Kofajgogsos 5 months ago

peterson is nothing but controlled opposition and gatekeeper for his FAJ / SOS kingpins .

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

White identity is a mental illness?????

But, NIGGERS claiming the melanin in their skin absorbs the sun, and therefore gives them superpowers is not?????

... or, whatever bullshit magical thinking NIGGERS have about their skin color.

Come on, Jordan.

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Does Peterson believe in God? He claims he’s religious, but doesn’t like the question. “It’s private,” he stonewalls. “I act as if God exists and that I’m terrified that he might.” PURE Talmudic BULLSHIT!

And under the cover of using white identity memes, Peterson positions himself for group diversion, and making a ton of money doing it.

And branding himself as a “radical individualist,” Peterson has no problem with “individuals” claiming to be homosexuals or transgenders.

“I don’t object to transgender persons,” Peterson said in a recent interview, “I object to the foisting of ideological motivated legislation on a population not ready for it.”
He is clearly ok with homosexuality!!! I have a heavy suspicion he is part Jewish somewhere in his family!

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