I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be in Beijing, Your Country was compromised by a certain Tribe many decades ago and now you are just a Vassal State for that very Tribe, Whether you wish to admit it or not. However, I will not stand for your communist propaganda here at WTV and will Terminate With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I acquire your trolls here promoting communist propaganda...As Per This Evenings Terminations, Danke

Judaism is Satanism James P Wickstrom

Published on 01 Sep 2022 / In Judaism / Talmud

⁣Judaism is Satanism James P Wickstrom

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DARRYL DUNCAN 26 days ago

I do not think Communism has destroyed Christianity in the West as it seeks to do but has put more of our people with Christ because we see an enemy is attacking us. This Communism can only exist while the world banks are issuing the 1 currency of the Rothschild family. Hitler stopped the banks from issuing it in Germany and this ended the communism so why can we not focus our people today into doing what Hitler did?
I do not like seeing people suffer and die miserably especially knowing it is within our power to put Jews into prison forever simply by stopping the issuance of their fake money. We would have the same control that the communists have if the banks were issuing money that we created.

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oddwarlock 26 days ago

I would piss on that wall

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Hatbox 26 days ago

The wall needs to fall on them.

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DTGKSonofGod 26 days ago

The : FAJ / SOS / GOG / MAGOG will soon be exterminated as prophesied in the scriptures :

Obadiah 1:15-18 - Ezekiel 38:1-4

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Hatbox 26 days ago

Please hurry too God!

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