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Christians must understand that the religion of Judaism is anti-Biblical. The true religion of the God of Israel is Christianity not Judaism.
Judaism is simply a perversion of God's original.
Veritas + Vincit + Omnia t -
Michael A Hoffman Judaism's Strange Gods Audiobook.
Judaism's Strange Gods. Here is the best book on Judaism for educating people about the hidden side of this much glorified. but soul-destroying religion of warfare and deception. Contains.
In this scholarly and deeply considered work, the author documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon with the commitment of the formerly oral tradition of the elders to writing, in the wake of the crucifixion of Israel s Messiah and the destruction of the Temple.
Basing his findings on authoritative Judaic sources, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism is a man-made religion of tradition and superstition, which represents the institutionalized nullification of Biblical law and doctrine.
Liberating the reader from the accumulated shackles of decades of misinformation, this book shows that Judaism s God is not the God of Israel, but the strange gods of Talmud and Kabbalah, and the racial self-worship they inculcate.
Making a relentless case with massive documentation and a lapidary attention to detail, Judaism s Strange Gods constitutes a shocking and original revelation about a subject we thought we knew only too well.
Michael Hoffman indeed goes where few dare to go. He lists a compendium of areas and concerns about Judaism, which many never even ventured into. He shows clearly and methodically, that Talmudic Judaism is not a religion of peace, but rather a religion of anti-Goyim hatred and just plain malevolence towards the rest of mankind, who are not the “chosen people.”
The Judaism of today is not based on the Old Testament, but the Babylonian Talmud. Through the Talmud, we learn that Jews have no love for others, but themselves. That Judaism is based on the notion of “Jewish racial supremacy.” The Jewish idea of racial superiority is at odds with all that is humane in the world. For instance, contrary to what many Black Americans have thought, the Talmud incites and justifies hatred towards blacks. Moses Maimonides believed that blacks for lesser then human beings. And, there is so much more to related about the blind hatreds and deviances found in the Talmudic literature.
As the mainstream media ‘bought and paid for’ talking media heads keep trying to convince us about the “perils” and “evils” of Islamic extremism and fundamentalism, we learn through Hoffman, that the real religion of intolerance and wild fanaticism is not Islam, but rather Judaism.
The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions
MANY CRITICS of Israel and its policies make a sharp distinction between Israel and its state ideology, Zionism, on the one hand, and Judaism, or the Jewish religious tradition and outlook, on the other.
Anti-Zionist groups, with names such as “Jewish Voice for Peace” or “Jews for Justice for Palestinians,” and anti-Zionist periodicals such as The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, emphasize humanistic aspects of the Jewish tradition. They urge Jews to reject Zionism and instead embrace humanistic features of Judaism. Such groups, while critical of Israel and its policies, take the view that the Jewish community has played a basically positive role in society, but that sometime in the twentieth century most Jews somehow jumped the track by embracing Zionism and its aggressive ethnic nationalism.
In fact, the often cruel and arrogant policies of Israel, and the often arrogant attitudes of what is called the “Israel Lobby,” the Jewish lobby, or the organized Jewish community, are not an aberration, but rather are deeply rooted in Jewish religious writings and in centuries of Jewish tradition.
Most people prefer pleasant myths to unpleasant truths, and prefer to believe what is most comfortable and agreeable. That’s one reason why so many of us like to think that all religions share common humanistic core values, and are all striving, each in its own way, toward the same ultimate truth.
But Judaism is not just “another religion.” It’s unique among the world’s major religions. The core values and ethos of Judaism are markedly unlike those of Christianity, Islam, and the other great faiths.
Christians believe that Jesus suffered and died for all people, and Christians are called upon to spread the Christian message to humanity. In the same way, Muslims believe that the message of the Koran is meant for all humanity, and they are called upon to bring everyone to Islam.
But that’s not the message of Judaism. Its teachings are not meant for all people.
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