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Julius Evola - The Philosopher and Magician in War 1943-1945 by Gianfranco de Turris (2016) πŸ“šπŸŽ§

Published on 27 Apr 2022 / In Audiobooks

⁣An intimate portrait of Evola and his wartime activities that rebuts many of the pseudo-myths about him.

⁣‒ Traces the Baron’s activities in Italy, Germany, and Austria during World War II

β€’ Clarifies Evola’s relations with National Socialism and Fascism.

β€’ Draws on personal conversations with those who knew Evola, new documentation never before made public, and letters from the Hakl and Scaligero archives

Baron Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola, known to the English-speaking world as Julius Evola (1898–1974), was an Italian philosopher, magician, painter, occultist, Orientalist, linguist, and champion mountain climber. Often considered a pillar of Neo-Fascist thought, Evola called himself a β€œradical traditionalist.”

In this exploration of Evola’s inner and outer life from World War II into the early 1950s, Gianfranco de Turris, who knew Evola when he was alive and is the executor of his estate, offers a new portrait of Julius Evola and debunks many of the pseudo-myths about his activities during the war.

Drawing on personal conversations with those who knew him and new documentation never before made public, including letters from the Hakl and Scaligero archives, the author traces Evola’s activities--including his time on the run and living under assumed names--in Italy, Germany, and Austria from 1943 into the mid-1950s. He shares a thorough account of the Baron’s sojourn at Hitler’s headquarters in Rastenburg, and his work for the German secret military services. The author outlines Evola’s critiques of Fascism and National Socialism and also explores Evola’s disapproval of the Italian Social Republic because it was destroying traditional values in favor of modernity.

Detailing the Baron’s occult and magical work during the war, de Turris shows that the only thing Evola took with him when he escaped Italy was the UR Group papers, material that would later become the three-volume work Introduction to Magic.

Sharing details from Evola’s long hospital stays during and after the war, the author proves that the injury that led to Evola’s paralysis was caused by an Allied bombing raid in Vienna and not, as rumor has it, by a sex magic act gone horribly wrong. The author shares photographs from the time period and the Baron’s correspondence with RenΓ© Guenon on the possibility of restoring the spiritual and magical power of an authentic Freemasonry.

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