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Julius Evola: The World's Most Right Wing Thinker

Aldebaran Aryan
Published on 08 Mar 2021 / In White Pill

a Johnathan Bowden lecture

read: "Synthesis of Racial Doctrine"; "The Elements of Racial Education";
"3 Aspects of the Jewish Problem"
free pdf: "The hegemony of the White Races":

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Zenith26 4 months ago

UK TV is flooded with Kike "angst" 24/7. Half a dozen "nasty Germans" war films per day. We've had The Kike Singer, featuring the flat voiced Kike fake Neal Diamond four times in the past six months.

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mics972 6 months ago

Aldebaran Aryan: Julius Evola: Might Be The Most Right Wing Thinker - But I Am Worlds Most White Thinker.
I Will Make The White Race Great Again, Details Coming Soon...

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 6 months ago

whoever gets to 6 million first wins - you better catch up

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