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Just Some Thoughts

Published on 08 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Abyss 7 days ago

I have a hunch that we are here to remove our shadows, I for one noticed that control is something I want and maybe thats something that I must let go to exit this loop. Our inner world manifests our outer world. The changes I've done to understand myself are definitely impacting my life in a better way. I know you don't really believe that our thoughts and emotions have a certain frequency and like attracts like, The more i"m in a certain frequency the more it comes back to me. After time and time again analyzing my thoughts and emotions when certain situations happens it become self apparent that some law or entity is at play there. "shoulder shrugs" One other thought i had was that some entities modified humans to give them literally a tool that can shape our universe but didnt tell us how to use it. That tool can be used to create or destroy its power is limitless, and those that found out decided to hide the knowledge because they know the power it holds thats why they created this society that forces people to not have even time to think, distractions are everywhere, everything is meant to distract people from the power they hold, false beliefs are shaping the human mind to limit them to think they are powerless, because our minds create this realm. They have a grip on the minds of humans but cracks are starting to show, they are starting to panic and are in acting plans to cull the herd that tries to understand the hidden knowledge that they kept to themselves. They fear us, but the vast majority of humans are clueless on wtf is happening and are content with their tv shows and junk food :/

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Check 8 days ago

Puppet and whoever frequents his videos please consider this read relevant to the video, the psychology of truth deniers. It's not as if I've read this and ohhhhhhh wooooowww shiiiieeet, I also do my own research, but this is a large piece and a sober explanation.

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Not bad!! I read the article and that person is clearly tuned in to what's going on. Would be great if a person like that did videos because it's become such a common way to share info with lots of people around the world and stimulate minds.

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XavierOctavia 9 days ago

Great vid,
Funny enough you put me on to max igan about year ago and after watching a handful of his videos I quickly smelled a rat and never bothered with him again.

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Kavesh Patmanathan
Kavesh Patmanathan 9 days ago

your not alone doubting max igan . the guy has been promoting controlled op gorups

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It fits

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shane127 9 days ago

max egan is a shill like ickey,a jones and joe the toe rogan,fcking turn coats

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