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⁣Justin Trudeau Pedophile

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

⁣Justin Trudeau Signed Multi-Million Dollar NDA To Cover Up Sexual Relations With Minor
Jan 6, 2022
War Room With Owen Shroyer
Owen covers a story from 2019 in which Justin Trudeau is said to have covered up his sexual relationship with a very young minor.

⁣Justin Trudeau Signed An Agreement For $2.25 Million To Silence a Girl “Much Younger Than 17”
by The Editors
January 9, 2022

Justin Trudeau, it appears, had sex with a minor and had her signed a 2.5 million non-diclosure aggreement so nobody would find out about it! This pedo is the same guy who said a few days ago that “people who are vehemently opposed to vaccination…are extremists, who don’t believe in science, who are often misogynists, often racist, too. It is a sect, a small group, who are taking up space. And here we have to make a choice, as a leader, as a country. Do we tolerate these people?”

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Deemax 6 days ago

All globalists are pedophiles. It's part and parcel of their lunatic judaic satanic religion they follow.

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HereAmI 6 days ago

"He wins another election in Canada?"
Well, that's what the Dominion software is saying, so it must be true.

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

The fact that a rope has not been designated and used for hanging this kike tells me all I need to know about modern day society.

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