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Kaiser Wilhelm II footage

Published on 06 Mar 2023 / In History

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Spectralwulf 17 days ago

It was a shame that the Second Reich was destroyed. It was a time of glory and the greatest prosperity for Germany. The Third Reich seemed to be an attempt to bring those days back, but the Jew bankers and their western puppet empires went all in to stop it. I always wondered if Hitler intended to reestablish the monarchy. It was the system he grew up with and fought in a war for, so it may have been in the works had Hitler's plans not been altered by globalist hostility. Having a strong Monarchy insulated most nations from Jewish subversion since a King had the authority to expel Jews at will for the interests of his Kingdom. The first world war was a means to turn the great Monarchs against each other - to destroy themselves so the Jews could move in and take control with communism and democracy.

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