Kennedy Secret Societies Speech

Published on 14 Mar 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex


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MoreBach 1 year ago

I agree that currently you're "in the wrong place with the wrong people." But I'm surprised with your seeming lack of trying to leave your situation. EngineerIng projects are fine, but your immediate task should be to organize your exit out of Mexico.

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rambetter 1 year ago

Not before I get my cats accustomed to living by themselves. That for me is priority. Within three months they should be accustomed.

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nickjarl 1 year ago

they stole enriched uranium

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David_Greco 1 year ago

"...who killed the Kennedys, ...when after all, it was you and me" Mick Jagger, wearer of the red string, from their song, Sympathy For The (Jews) Devil" . Rolling Stones tribute to mass Jewish crimes and their God, Lucifer -

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