KGB involvement in 9/11

Published on 19 Oct 2022 / In 911

(KGB) Russia's involvement in 9/11 by: Vigelante Intelligence.

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Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight 1 month ago

I don't know I mean they got Putin's face then they got the communist symbol see Putin was like towards the end of communism and 9/11 happened after the Berlin Wall fell there was no more communism in Russia when 9/11 happened so the narrative timeline is way out of whack

Plus Dover 4,000 emails dressed to all the Jews tell them to stay away from the world trade center and the fact that two weeks before the terrorist attack a Jew bought the twin towers and took out insurance which also covered terrorist attack you know that you got paid twice for one hour because two planes flew into it imagine that

I mean 9/11 just sounds a little bit more catchy than the day Israel attacked America but then again you know that would also indicate like if it was like the first day or something cuz it definitely wasn't the first time Israel has attacked America

They assassinated kfj because he wouldn't go along with their fake terrorist attacks so they can start wars with Nations that don't have Central banking or denounced accepting currency that's not backed by gold imagine that shit

💪🇷🇺 So far Das Putin is much more American than any American president we've had

Hell you go on Facebook you get banned because they think you farted

You go to VK or Russian website and you can post pictures of dead baby niggers all day long and not even get a 10 minute time out kind of funny you can go to a Russian website and get freedom of speech upheld 100% kind of crazy ain't it

And Putin was the one that told Americans keep your guns no matter what every single president has suggested some more so than others to just get rid of our guns to let them go even Trump was like yeah we would be better off without you know he even tried to you know just work it in the plane good cop bad cop when it comes to presidents okay it's all Jews basically you know if you kill all the Jews and kill all the fagots life is good

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Ogre 1 month ago

Obviuos obvious and obvious. Thanks for spelling it again, it bares endless repititions. David Duke has never been anything BUT a deepstate agent. Going strong since his old success of infiltrating KKK, he still run his controlled op gig strong. I see him play "civil resistance bridge builder" in middle eastern countries today

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Maverick0708 1 month ago

The scope of the 9/11 operation had to be absolutely massive….peoples of multiple countries, companies, finance, spy agencies, our own intelligence agencies how could so many have been in on some level or the other

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Maverick0708 1 month ago

MOSAD and KGB are both J3wish spy networks ? They are partners

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IsraelIsChristian2 1 month ago

Whats the difference between a russian kike or a new york kike like Netanyahu?

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Ral9010NatSoc 1 month ago

Not much, apart from location.

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