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Kill All White People - Muslim Woman Supports Genocide

Published on 23 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣⁣I uploaded this clip from the Jimmy Fallon show to My Instagram and it was instantly liked by a racist Muslim woman who supports the extermination of the White race.

Khadija Maaref is supposedly a "best author, inspiring speaker and specialist in self-esteem" from the UK who wrote a book called "Muslim Women in Western Society".

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happyapple4 5 months ago

Did the man come out with the sign saying Clap and Cheer when Kimmel said, "First time whites numbers are lowest (paraphrasing) dumbed down audience responds just like (((they))) want.

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NewWorldCircus 1 year ago

That music at the end was awful.

Just a bunch of digga digga dig dig digga dugga digga dug

Boon jungle music

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ADL4LIFE 9 months ago

That's culture we called you fuck

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ytrebiLeurT 1 year ago (edited)

It could be that the people only applauded because they thought Kimmel wants us whites to die out, the audience is stupid because they want to be pleasing, indoctrinated by the big stupid Kimmel who obviously doesn't know that he is an indoctrinator, lol Her wish for genocide will come true, but this Muslim woman will also be slaughtered like all other Muslims, niggers and Jews, that's for sure.
When the time comes, I'll have Datura because I don't want to be slaughtered alive ...

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PAZ42 1 year ago

I don't think that's going to happen.

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ytrebiLeurT 1 year ago

@PAZ42: Your word in the ear of god ...

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White Power
White Power 1 year ago

Oh that satanic hook nosed bastard jew arab fallon (and kimmel, both are jews) knows what the hell its doing, its a kike that wants the Aryan species murdered just as much as that bug eyed kike mudslime female does. ALL non-Whites are our enemies, its a fact that must be faced. The mongrel "jew" are their leaders.

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