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KingdomConcepts_2011-05-01 Brother Mike Hallimore and Pastor Everret Ramsey on race mixing

Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In Bible / Sermons

Very good

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Hatbox 15 days ago

We definitely need to keep these sermons alive. Mike Hallimore's children and brother won trustee control of the ministry and are disbanding it. I'm not sure what will happen to all the booklets, lessons, etc., now. His children are picking apart his estate like vultures.

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GottMitUns 15 days ago

What a shame. Why could they have not given it over for someone to continue. All that info will be gone. When did you find out this terrible news?

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exposethejeugenda 16 days ago

PASTOR RAMSEY IS A MAN OF GOD....He is right....The Bible tells us not to race mix. It tells us to never allow them in with their false gods...the edomite jews have corrupted that which was good.....what will we do to thwart them?...The jew edomites will be judged by our Almighty Father ad so will our nations for allowing it. We are at war.

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