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Klaus Schwab on "genetic editing"

Ian Dresari
Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣The 4th industrial revolution.. i heard a story once that back in the day it was common place for factories to be built near rivers so that they could use a water wheel to drive belts that ran along the ceilings of the factory to drive the machines in the factory. often times there would be workers on the floors above these belts so dirt and dust would be thrown down onto the belts. this created a terrible working environment for the people under these belts. the story goes that the word "sabotage" comes from the french words sabot(a wooden shoe common to the time) and ⁣étage(the french word for floor). workers in these factories would throw the sabot up into the belt and they would get caught in the rollers and bring the whole belt to the floor- sabotage.

the advent of electricity made the use of waterwheels obsolete. and what became of these water wheels and belt systems of old when the factories modernized?

the advent of automation will make human workers obsolete and what will become of those workers when the factories modernize?

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Sibbeloth 1 month ago (edited)

"man did not weave the web of life" -Wise words of "savages" who lived like kings without the jew's currency.

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ARYAN VIKING 1 month ago

He said they were prepared for the legal changes they will have to make. Prepared how is the question. Automation is the dream of every adventurer in the field of science. What we can build that will take fewer workers. Man has the duty of tending this earth and when the earth is treated right it continues its job of replenishing itself and making it possible for all life to continue. Without the replenishing abilities of the earth life could not be sustained. Our societies on this earth are separate from natures laws yet must exist within natures laws. Rothschild-his family and their fellow crime families rent to us our rights to life by policing us continuously and limiting jobs. He works not to help humanity but to help other Jews only and they all work from the position of organized crime. Proper police work would stop the issuance of Rothschild's money from the banks and all people would be free of this dictatorship at that time. If it were a White man that creates and issues the money we would see everyone happy with their lives and jobs.

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