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Kosher slaughter in Brooklyn. (jews. are the SCUM of the earth)!

Published on 28 Dec 2022 / In Judaism / Talmud

Very graphic!

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Thank you for showing this Leni. It needs to be shown. This is exactly what the Jews did to Russian Christians to the tune of 66 MILLION conservatively. Every white person who turns a blind eye to the Jew, this is their fate and the fate of their children.
A good video. A statement of truth and fact.
The Jew who did this to German POW's was elected President of the USA. Take note.

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Virginia_Is_For_Haters 3 months ago

Pretty sick that this is even legal in the US, or anywhere in the west for that matter.

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It certainly is. Since when do Jews though take note of 'laws'? The ONLY law for the Jew is their Talmudic law and they have every intention of making that law the law of the land.
Think I'm kidding? The Jew instigated 'Family Court' operates under maritime law. It has nothing to do with "Common Law" as surely as a captain on a ship doesn't have to follow the law of the land. On a ship you have no rights, except by discretion of the captain.
The best predictor of the future is the past. What did the Jew do in the past when they had complete control? Which 'laws' did they use?
Wake up everyone. It's coming. The 'mark of the Beast' will have plenty of 'laws' around it. They will ALL be Jew laws. All of them.

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Albvs_Sol 3 months ago

Take away the music, ruins the effect.

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I disagree. The snowflakes who won't see the truth, need to be mesmerised by music, or they just won't look. The rest of us who know this goes on intimately can turn down the music. Remove a Jews mask and they all act like this.
They are all fat, cruel, hook-nosed shyster pedophiles with blood lust. They are of the root of their tree, the Serpent tree of which Sodom was only a small branch.
If people knew, they wouldn't be so ready to suck Jew dick, especially the 'progressive'. If they knew, they would run away screaming. This is mild to what the Jew is capable of doing everyday.

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oddwarlock 3 months ago

they are not human

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Unfortunately they are very human. Animals cannot see, or claim to see. Humans can therefore their sin remains.
It is up to us as humans to decide in which 'waters' we swim. The waters below corrupted by the prince of this world and his people, the Jew or the waters above,
"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matt 6:19).
When the Jew follows money, they follow their nature. They are human most definitely but have chosen long ago to swim in lower waters. We are born to these waters but can choose to no longer be a part of them, and choose for 'higher' things.
We are not random atoms colliding. It is more intentional than that when one cultivates fruit.

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Hatbox 3 months ago

Not sure I can watch. I'm not vegan, but if I had to kill my own meat I might be. I've heard kosher and halal slaughter was brutal. Jews and Arabs seem to get off on inflicting suffering on people and animals.

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