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Lana Lokteff Outjews The Reactionary jew

Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills


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rambetter 7 months ago


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frogsgottalent 8 months ago

The only language that means anything to reality, is ACTION. #.....O p Save G a z a (aoGaps), LocateThehackedM E G Afiles withover30 000 operational criminalmo s sadNames addresses email phonenumbers (worldwide). OriginalSource closed but info still available for those who look. The " talk train " left a long time ago .

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JeffnDenmark 10 months ago

This article says Sinead is a Jew. Is that true?

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The ENTIRE neo-NotZi movement and the KKK are Jewish!

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12 months ago

Llama out kiked the kike! The three billion number he tries to spin as "total money given with 75% having to buy US made weapons", that $3bil is ONLY the value of arms zog sends to them, free. Disgusting.

The only things that the US should send to israel is all the jews then some nuclear explosions.

Ever hear of that company who sends actual animal shit via mail anonymously?
Since Bol Ice are millionaires with the audacity much like Alex Jewnes to still beg for shekels as if they were struggling, everyone should send a shit gift to the P.O. Box & let them know how well their con artist bs sits with them. The boxes all either come with no return address or a fake one so they'll be unboxing turds for weeks.

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1 year ago

Lana looks so Aryan but I would not be surprised if she is a Kike too

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12 months ago

I think there may have been some non-jew breeding involved, not to mention that blonde hair is dyed. You can tell by the changes in pure blonde to brown roots showing. Who knows if she wears contacts. Regardless she still acts like a jewbot. If it looks like a goose but quacks like a duck & acts like a's a duck in a goose costume haha.

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8thWonderer 13 days ago (edited)

Do you have proof of the contact lenses? Sinead's hair is clearly dyed.

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