Large Cargo Container full of Aborted Babies found in Jewish Doctors Backyard

White Power
Published on 03 Nov 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

Video borrowed⁣ from TruthPrevails.
⁣I am a Racialist Aryan Christian, i promote Aryan UNITY as best i can, so if anyone comes to my channel posting anti-Christ and/or anti-Hitler lies which only causes division among our folk, they will be exposed for the jew subversive bitches they are and blocked. Thats the only warning you get. Now, LOVE your Aryan brothers (if in fact you are an Aryan) no matter what religious beliefs you hold, do NOT insult any Aryans religious beliefs here (except non-White phony shit like judaism and islam and satan worship). We have an entire planet full of non-white SHIT trying to murder us out of existence and jews pretending to be White come around ONLY to cause MORE fucking trouble among us, and it wont be tolerated here. Oh yeah, for you pussy jews that would cry "but muh freedumb of speech (for evil jews)", i say fuck you and your subversive bullshit, it should NOT be and NEVER will be tolerated by me!!

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Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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Titanomachy 3 months ago

You know a civilization has lost the plot when they're butchering their own babies en masse. Normies nowadays think people from bygone eras were more barbaric, but when you look at it in terms of statistics no society has ever involved more infanticide, suicide, or drug abuse than those in the 20th and 21st centuries. If anything THIS is an ethical dark age, behavior has become normalized that is akin to the way some depraved serial killer acts. The only real difference is that the sick and twisted authorities give abortion doctors permission to be mass murderers and they permeate society with pro-abortion propaganda. These monsters love inflicting horrors upon the most innocent and defenseless. The Jewish and Shabbos goy globalist oligarchs have made it pretty clear they intend to gradually push society into open season on children, allowing pedophiles to rape them, allowing negligent and abusive parents to kill their babies like that bill they're trying to push through in Maryland, it's simply unthinkable what this world will come to if they aren't opposed effectively. We've got such a gargantuan task ahead of us, and frankly with how many Whites have already taken the jab and just keep getting more boosters, I'm not so sure there will even be many of us around to fight in a few years' time. It's like the kikes are picking off the bulk of sheep before they begin their open conflict against the remaining dissidents. They probably intend to mainly just sick hordes of niggers and other foreigners on us, along with extreme law enforcement crackdown; anarchotyranny, you all know the score. I'm in a bit of an odd situation as an American expat in Canada, I am living in exile basically, long story, but I do kind of feel like it's only a matter of time before the U.S. balkanizes, and if that happens I would want to come down and be part of the action, see if we could carve out an ethnostate or at least some kind of fortified compounds here and there, I don't know, it's hard to make plans for the future when we've got so little control over it. I hate that we're always reacting to what the ruling class does rather than aggressively pushing our own agenda and putting our foes on the backfoot in the manner that the left does. Abortion is an issue where which side is morally in the right is pretty obvious to anyone that actually sees the end product of abortion or the dilation and extraction procedure itself, so this would be a pretty open-and-shut moral quandary like "Is it ok to rape people?" if not for the profound power disparity between the pro-abortion establishment and the pro-life lobby. It's only by shielding the normie masses from the flesh and blood reality of the slaughter of a helpless infant in the one place they are supposed to be secure, torn from the belly of the one person that is supposed to care for them most due to a nihilistic disregard for human life in the pursuit of sheer expedient convenience, that the "pro-choice" left can make it palatable to most people. Out of sight, out of mind. They've also successfully made the focus of the issue political and feminist, which is a bit of realpolitik maneuvering considering the majority of women are actually against abortion and, to be fair, plenty of leftists aren't actually on board with it either, I mean historically, it was pretty extreme to be in favor of legalizing abortion even amongst liberal Whigs and proto-socialist Jacobins, and even until relatively recently the rhetoric was different, justifying abortion as an emergency procedure which they wanted to be as rare as possible, not as a means of birth control to be actively celebrated as some kind of whore rite of passage like feminists nowadays do. The media and academia have pushed considerations of political correctness so far to the forefront of the leftist mind that for many it has superceded in importance or even replaced the role which their moral compass used to play. So-called "Progressives" are distinctly characterized by the way that their perception of the world around them is through the lens of hyperreality, everything connects back to mass media for them, that's their grounding, what they treat as "real", even moreso than the things they personally observe in day to day life.
It's all about the hive-mind feels they get, the dopamine hits from likes and retweets. Social media has worked brilliantly for the technocrats, allowing them to corral the teeming online hordes into adopting the appropriate set of beliefs and the desired set of habits, promoting mass conformity through psychological manipulation techniques employed mostly via algorithms. The fact that they have been able to strip countless Millenials and Zoomers of their sense of ethics and get so many young people to callously celebrate mothers having their own children murdered (not to mention all the bizarre gender-bending shit they've managed to popularize) is proof that they can pretty much normalize anything with a certain, mentally malleable segment of the population. These lemmings are downright dangerous, they are the Red Guard type zombies that will be coming to lynch White families when the shit hits the fan, and while a lot of them are wimps and may not like guns, we shouldn't underestimate the power of numbers, I mean they may be cowards but a scared faggot with a gun can still kill you in the wrong situation and a huge mob of untermensch shocktroops is still going to overrun and kill a small group of well-trained men, look at the Eastern Front in WWII. Antifa and BLM would be nothing without the tacit support of the establishment, but still, they probably outnumber White nationalists ten to one. Good news is most people are sick of Antifa, BLM and the far left in general. The bulk of people fall somewhere in between us and the "Progressives", having a decent moral compass but severely lacking in information. A lot of normies are fine people, they're simply misinformed and maybe a bit timid, but easy times create soft men, you can only expect so much of Boomers that have had it easy all their lives, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, to make them understand the gravity of this ongoing genocide. I feel like most people that go through the "conversion" process to racial consciousness, figuring out the Holohoax was bullshit, and understanding the Jewish plot for White genocide and world domination are on the younger side, like maybe late teens through mid twenties or so? I know some may have come into this later in their lives and a tiny fraction were taught about this stuff by family growing up. My grandma did try to teach me I think, or at least I remember she told me in passing once "Never trust the Jews" and my dad told me that my great uncle or something on my mom's side would take out an ad in a local newspaper in Saskatchewan every April 20th in honor of Hitler's birthday, but otherwise in terms of my parents themselves they're not exactly NPC level normies but they're not truly racially conscious either, and try as I might I cannot get my dad to see where I am coming from on the Holohoax. When I bring up camp amenities he just brushes that off as something they did in the beginning before deciding to try to kill all the Jews in like 42-43, conveniently around the turning point in the war at which Allied victory became inevitable and when the infrastructure of the Reich began falling apart due to aerial bombardment, leading to typhus outbreaks when Zyklon-B couldn't be supplied to all the camps adequately, plus internees were being difficult, refusing to bathe, wallowing in filth and refusing to use the soap because of their stupid macabre rumors about it being made of fat from dead Jews, a blood libel the kosher Holocaust "historians" dropped only recently. Whenever something doesn't fit with the official narrative my dad just makes an allowance for it even though simply acknowledging it is counted as "denial" by organizations like the ADL as well as your average brainwashed moron. Bring up any of the amenities in the camps to actual Jews and they will screech to high heaven that you're making it up entirely, and then if you showed them pictures they would simply shift the goalposts, pretend like they've always been transparent and communicated clearly to the public that most of the camps weren't death camps even according to their official narrative at this point even though the Hollywood version has it depicted as a systematic mass extermination attempt which just miraculously failed for...reasons. Never have a seen a dramatization or reference to the work camps in fiction, it is always death camps, and certainly not the camps as they actually existed, cinemas and swimming pools and brothels and hospitals and nurseries and community centers and gardens and theatres for putting on plays and orchestras and games of football/soccer and on and on it goes, sounding more like a country club or something than even a refugee camp, let alone some kind of horrendous human rights abuse, I mean the Germans even fucking paid them! Your typical American prison nowadays is more draconian as a punishment than being sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. And the commie conspirators had a lot worse coming than running the risk of maybe going hungry or catching typhus because you stubbornly refused to bathe. But alas, I digress. I guess I'm just processing the gruesomeness of this contrasted with the banality of the news report, the way the ACLU acts like it is somehow sticking up for women's rights or something I guess by insisting these poor nameless babies not be buried. The left is so twisted, they act all self-righteous, spouting out theoretical nonsense, regurgitating what was fed to them in some ivory tower institution of so-called "higher learning" about equality, social justice, equity and inclusiveness while their hands are drenched in blood. They speak of lofty-sounding but ultimately meaningless platitudes while creating nothing but suffering in actual reality. They're so blinded by ideology they don't even see it, they look at a pile of children's mutilated corpses and they make themselves see nothing but rotting meat to be disposed of like trash. The powers that be intend to end the very concept of right and wrong, replacing it with the "woke" and "problematic" dichotomy instead. Just as in the USSR before, political considerations will supercede moral ones. Anyone holding onto traditional morality will be treated as a "counter-revolutionary" in this ongoing culture war.

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White Power
White Power 3 months ago

What a comment, a great comment from what i have read of it and i do appreciate you posting it as many may come across it later and appreciate what you've said. I have not read it all yet but have the tab opened so that i will come back and read it later and answer if i get time. Thanks for that brother. :)

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Sabine 8 months ago


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AryanRooster 8 months ago

Indescribable monstrosity and cruelty to the souls of God’s creations!

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Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy 8 months ago

I remember this but it wasn't pushed for the sadistic nature that it was a couple of stale blurbs in the news then gone.

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PorkChop 8 months ago

Jew bunker exposed

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