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Las Vegas Vape Store Owner Stab's Wigger

Published on 06 Aug 2022 / In Uncategorized

Vaccinated brains Or did they think they can act like niggers stealing.
"From all the recent shoplifting thefts"

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Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac 1 month ago

Damn he was sticking him good. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. And his accomplice just left his ass.

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george stachura
george stachura 2 months ago

kill all niggers wiggers jews muslims faggots wetbacks and race mixers now.

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(SeekLoad) Liviu Rafael Nichiforiuc

Actually both are vaccinated brains or the ribbers are just plain stupid and the store owner a pshychopth.Why do I say so? First of all when they tried to go away with some coins, that has no substatial value, it was money given for free, so why be greedy about that????
And when they turned back, that was just stupid of them.
As for the stabbing was it really neccesery? The cost of some perfumes that has type a few buks. It is not like he was robbing the cashere and all the money. If I was the store owner I wouldjust stab him in the legs and then beat the shit out of him till he was not trying to run and then call the cops. NOT and NOT try to kill him like that store owner did.
WHY? Kill a teenager for some perfumes, that is PSHYCOPATH thinking.
Of course they should be stopped, but that was over violance.
PS: SORRY for the bad spelling, I am in a hurry.

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JudgementIsComing 2 months ago

Bet those "whites" were actually JEWS. LIKE columbine, sandy hook, aurora, and uvalde.

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RunningMan1986 2 months ago

Fake and gay!

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