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Last White Man - Trailer

Published on 07 Mar 2023 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi
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questeritorte 16 days ago

I'll send them the money to get the hall out of there -- if they'll leave.

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IronCross 6 days ago

Would be nice, but consider white south Africans won't be given asylum like niggers.

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UncleSemantic 16 days ago (edited)

Forget these limp-wristed White Nationalists (as much as I admire their good work in spreading the pro-White message) saying that giving pink slips and compromising with the enemy to our mutual satisfaction is sufficient or even probable. “Every people deserves a country.” No, they do not. Most black, brown, copper, and yellow people are undeserving of the pleasure of the air they breathe. And Whites aren’t paying a goddamn dime to lure groids back to kaffrika with 🍗 🎲 🍉. The nigger plague WILL pay repuhrayshunns to Whites even if we have to rip them out of their assholes. Same with the muzzies though a wiser approach in addition to bulldozing every shit-mosque would be to ally with whatever anti-islamic arabs there are, as with the hispanics to garner as much manpower on Team White as possible. Inner imperatives of good old revenge against our destroyers and killers. Such a divine catharsis is needed now more than ever. Just like fight club.

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Maverick0708 13 days ago

Well said brother

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