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Leo Frank Case, Watson's Magazine September 1915, Part 1 Of 13, Read By John De Nugent

Leo Frank
Published on 16 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣Leo Frank : a Jew Pervert Pedophile - Watson's Magazine, September 1915 by U.S. Senator Tom Watson - Part 1-13

Read by John de Nugent, 2015, Centennial Edition.

Special thank you to former Marine John de Nugent

This is Part 1 of 13 parts.

Leo Frank Jew Pervert, Watson's Magazine, September 1915 by Congressman Tom Watson, Read by John de Nugent, 2015, Centennial Edition.

The Watson's Magazine article begins by relating a few cases about where murder is justified in order to protect the dignity and honour of women. The first is that of a famous New York architect by the name of Stanford White who had a harem full of underage girls. The Jewish newspapers always promoted him in a positive light. He took a young and naitve Evelyn Nesbit who was forced through drugging to have rough sex with him after her mother sold her for some cash. Despite that, she returned back to him with the sexual continuing for a while until a man by the name of Harry Thaw saw her and married her. After Harry and Evelyn tied the knot, they went to Europe on their honey moon and she told him about her encounters with Stanford White. This enraged Harry to the point that he shot Stanford and killed him for brutalizing his wife from before her marriage to him.

A trial was held that saw seventy-five percent of Americans support Harry Thaw despite the propaganda coming forth from the Jewish-controlled press. They claimed that Harry Thaw's finances allowed him to get out of prison after nine years of delay for the execution of Stanford White otherwise he would have been executed as well but that was also true as well for powerful people like politicians and religious priests that the Jewish-controlled press never seemed to raise issues about. Jewish newspapers like Hearst and the New Republic claimed that the judge, jury, and the entire state of Georgia is guilty for the vigilante justice that was carried out by locals against Leo Frank. This was a disgrace to democracy according to the Jewish media because the perpetrators exacted justice against a fellow Jew but when Jews aren't overtly involved and violence is used in carrying out a revolution against oppression and tyranny, then it isn't considered hideous. The Jewish media claims that those men who use violence to protect young girls from seduction are brutal even though the general public will sympathize with them. On the other hand, when a Jew-on-Jew crime occurs such as happened between Becker and Rosenthal, the Jewish-papers are generally amoral, level-headed, and neutral. Sometimes, they even showed sympathy with the convicted perpetrator Becker who was Jewish by laying the blame on another third party (consisting of gentiles) which allegedly could have possibly "framed" him - in this case the Rose-Webber crowd in order to ensure their own survival.

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