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Leo Frank Case, Watson's Magazine September 1915, Part 3 Of 13, Read By John De Nugent

Leo Frank
Published on 16 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣⁣In the third part of the Leo Frank Case from Watson's Magazine, the September 1915 Edition, Sargent Dobbs continues on with his description of what he witnessed after Newt Lee had rang him and his team up on the early morning of April 27th 2013. He confirmed what Newt Lee had claimed earlier that there was a note attached to Mary Phagan's corpse which was lying face down, that laid the blame on a third party "tall, black negro" that would try and lay the blame on Jim Conley, the sweeper of the pencil factory. Another police officer and eye-witness by the name of John N. Starnes took finger print samples from the back door that had blood-stained fingerprints. Jim Conley's lawyer W.M. Smith was more than willing to lay the blame on his client and even went to grab the finger prints twice but they got no response from Leo Frank's legal team. The next couple of witnesses W.M. Smith and John Black went to pick up Leo Frank right after City Officer John N. Starnes sent them to bring him to the morgue so that they can get his reaction from seeing Mary's dead body. Frank didn't even look at the body of Mary Phagan and went to another room and from there they went straight to the pencil factory where Frank pretended to confirm that Mary Phaggan was working for him and signed out shortly a few minutes after mid day (noon-time).

Mary Phagan was found in such a hazardous and disarrayed condition that none of the eye witnesses could initially identify her as being a white girl. John R. Black testified against Frank as he was the individual along with Rogers that had gone to pick up Leo Frank from his house where he appeared nervous while on the way to the morgue and police station. Mr. Haas, the lawyer of Leo Frank directed John R. Black and Mr. Scott to Newt Lee's house where they found a bloodied T-Shirt. According to another witness Rogers, by this time Newt Lee had been arrested and Leo Frank mentioned to the officers that Gantt had been with him as well around the approximate time of the murder when he came to pick up the two shoes of his that he had left behind. This was done in order to lay the suspicion off Jim Conley the factory sweeper and lay the blame on both Newt Lee and Gantt simultaneously. When Gantt was put to the stand to testify, he claimed that he had been discharged from working in the factory on April 7th 1913, and both he and Leo Frank knew Mary Phagan since she was a little girl. This testimony contradicted Frank's claim that he barely knew Mary Phagan except as someone who was on the employee payroll list and he paid her weekly salary thereby making him lose all credibility in front of the jury.

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