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Lev Tahor jew mafia

Published on 18 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣Uriel Goldman exposed: the mastermind quietly operating Lev Tahor cult

⁣Uriel Goldman has raised millions of dollars to fund the Lev Tahor cult, which has continued to thrive following the death of its leader Shlomo Helbrans.

In this video, we expose his method of telling people what they want to hear, including numerous outright lies, via leaked audio and video.

Lev Tahor's structure has kept changing since the death of the cult's leader and the imprisonment of numerous administrative members. The one constant driver managing the fundraising, abuse, and media representation, is Uriel Goldman.

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IsraelIsChristian2 7 months ago

The Italian mafia in America was always a jew fraud

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