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LGBTPQIA2 teachers openly talk about grooming your children

Published on 15 Apr 2022 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

⁣⁣How the fuck parents aren't pulling their kids from those jew indoctrination center is mindboggling. These things are literally grooming your children so they can rape them. They are teaching them to keep it all secret from their parents and to lie and disobey them. If them openly grooming your fucking children doesn't get you to act, nothing will and you're a failure as a parent

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GHREM 10 months ago

Homophobia is a natural response to faggots. I'd like this to see the back of this KIKES head come off from projectile.

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.45ACP 10 months ago


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pater409 10 months ago

These freaks are disgusting and repulsive. No respect or sympathy for misguided, brainwashed fuck-wits. The stupid, neurotic bitch who opens this video applies hook-nosed, filth-peddling JEW CUNT anti-reasoning in asserting that parents will not make the best choice. This is classic JEW CUNT arrogance: believing they know better what is best for all. Regardless of whatever choice parents might make, it is nobody else's choice to make. All smug cunts, freaks, dykes and fags who endeavor to make children the property of the state must be cordially invited to eat the feces they pull out of their gay fag lover's rectum before they pay a back-breaking penalty for their abuse of children. Fuck the child-raping, child-corrupting JEW SWINE and fuck and death to the JEW FAG COWARD World Order.

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