I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be in Beijing, Your Country was compromised by a certain Tribe many decades ago and now you are just a Vassal State for that very Tribe, Whether you wish to admit it or not. However, I will not stand for your communist propaganda here at WTV and will Terminate With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I acquire your trolls here promoting communist propaganda...As Per This Evenings Terminations, Danke

LibertyBellShow ep12. Our HOAX Life.

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Published on 12 Oct 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

⁣Come see and hear what the fools and cowards will not show you and will not say.

We were BORN into this HOAX LIFE.

A constant stream, a constant parade, of hoaxes has been inflicted upon us to keep us off balance, to keep us UNsure of ourselves and our conclusions. This is especially so in regard to:

* us as members of our White race,
* our conclusion of which race is the supreme Enemy, and
* our conclusion on what we must do to put an end to their heinous crimes permanently.
I am Jim Laffrey, real name, real image, and I stand behind what I say. I am no anonymouse.

You and I, in the USA, have the right to disagree with the government (even if the government were honest, which it is NOT) on who are the real enemies who must be killed. The government, during our lifetimes, has named and killed as “enemies” members of every race but one. Gee, what a coincidence that the one infests our government. And the one owns and infests all major media and most minor media. Why they lie together. Why they’re anti-White.

You see, the members of the one race are NOT Whites. Obviously, they know it. We were born into this situation of most of them pretending to be Whites. Thus, it has been easy for them, working together, to take control of everything important. And — AND — they blame Whites for their crimes.

Fools can’t tell you this. Cowards won’t tell you this. And the enemy demonizes me and other Whites who know and tell these truths.




These are, as usual, presented in the same order as featured in the show.

This link opens as the pdf of the Liberty Bell magazine issue December 1984.

This link opens as the pdf of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of April 1992.

This link takes you to the page hosting my music video, Another July (Another JewLie), which includes a video clip of the original NASA/government footage of the Eagle (Apollo 11 “Lunar Lander”) descending, during which Neil Armstrong mentioned the kicking up of dust. And it shows the subsequent photos — official NASA photos — of the “Lunar Lander” sitting on “the Moon” with UNdisturbed dust directly under the rocket nozzle.

Alternate link for the same music video as described immediately above, this one posted on the WorldTruthVideos platform.

MY own website, hosted on the admirable (nfs): . Get all the videos there, and MORE, including the treasure that is my CREDENTIALS page.


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san_nicola 6 months ago

You didn't mention the crime of stealing our free speech.

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