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Loki Hulgaard in Medicine Hat, pre-trial interview about hate speech

Loki Hulgaard
Published on 03 May 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Hello my name is Loki Hulgaard and I have been a political prisoner for the past 3 1/2 years in Canada.
My alleged crime consisted of criticizing jews through alleged distribution of leaflets; flyers and stamps on money bills as well as internet publications.
I have been subjected to the following abuses by the government and its agents during this time:
-theft of property amounting to over $10,000
-defamation of my character in their controlled media (see below for examples)
-being framed through the rumor mill by mossad and police as a pedophile; mentally ill and a terrorist (these last two have been put in the police report by alleged professionals who have thereby perjured themselves. Since I am legally barred from publicizing the police report I am unable to provide details especially since my trial is still pending)
-being legally barred from leaving the province where I know no one and have no support or contact with other well-wishers
-being shut out of employment opportunities or opportunities to rent an apartment and am now forced to live in a hotel
-harassed and abused by 'community based agents' in 'community policing' as well as by police and other operatives they work with (mossad; private sector agents of various kinds all of whom are anonymous and unknown to me as to who precisely they are and work with the government itself): subjected to slander campaigns and acoustic harassment ongoing throughout the day causing me to undergo extreme stress amongst other forms of harassment.
My alleged crime consisted of criticizing jews through distribution of leaflets; flyers and stamps on money bills as well as internet publications. Here are some recent examples of what I am alleged to have published or made publically available:
I have been alleged to have written the following works put up on this website:
I have no history of violence or mental illness and am being framed presumably for a false flag operation by the government (my personal belief). It is either this or the punitive psychiatry of forced institutionalization on the basis of allegations of 'mental illness' by biased zionist and other government agents and affiliated 'professionals'.
I am now on the verge of destitution as I await trial for allegedly violating my sentencing conditions prohibiting me from communicating about jews and immigrants which the government alleges I have done via their paid spies. (I suppose I am not to speak about my mother who is an immigrant also?).
I stand to face a 3 month jail term if the state can find adequate grounds for conviction.
My intention is to relocate to another area if at all possible once the trial has wound up to escape this intense level of persecution by the government here although I don't anticipate it will be much better elsewhere given the global situation and the fact of the global nature of the organized stalking program run through local 'community policing' and 'citizens on patrol' organizations which are de facto terrorist programs run by the Zionist/liberal Governments of this world.
Thank you for reading this notice and please send it around to others to assist me in getting this information out to people.
Should anyone out there have a willingness to assist me in costs I need for basic needs and eventual relocation (if I escape this area unscathed) or if they have any job prospects within this area or elsewhere within the province of Alberta, Canada they could/would assist me with I would greatly appreciate any help they would have a willingness to offer. Here is alink to where they might send funds:
Thank you again and please assist me in fighting for my life and the lives of others.
P.S: only donate if you have a fair amount of extra cash.

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White Power
White Power 6 months ago

Like many other videos on the website, its not playable anymore.

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twistedjoker 11 months ago

The jew runs the world now the evil kikes need to be beat down and only when the gentiles unite and fight back will we have our world back from the blood sucking greedy baby rapist jew.

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