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Madness of The Volcano Hoax-When 'Lava' Meets Ice

Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣⁣⁣Can we objectively prove that rocks melt and take this form? Or that earth has a core?

Has the phenomena of rocks melting ever been demonstrated in a lab setting rather than mineral combustion? You can make 'lava' at home with charcoal, but that isn't actually lava. Rocks only combust.

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Iverology_Phd 8 days ago

The earth is not a ball, so there is no 'core' that jews are trying to sell. Oil is not a finite resource. It's produced underground and it's not of the organic origin. Jews invented the finite oil myth to keep prices up. If it were proven to be infinite, the prices would plummet. Depleted oil wells often get filled again after a few years.
Open ground volcanoes must be artificial. They are piles of debris from ancient mines. Those ancient machines were larger than modern machines. When this debris is piled up, the process inside produces 'lava' and it erupts from the top. There are smaller versions of these 'volcanoes' in Jewkraine, Donbass, where coal was mined. Even much smaller piles sometimes erupt with red lava. For sure, that lava doesn't come from the 'core'. The channel to the core would have to be hundreds of kilometers deep. That is foolish in many respects. The jew science is for ultimate morons.

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