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Make The World Flat - Race and intelligence by The Alternative hypothesis

Based And Redpilled
Published on 02 Nov 2020 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

a 3 hour long detailed look at the science of race and intelligence

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Kofajgogsos 17 days ago

There is only one true Race on earth : "" White Adamic Israelite Race ""
White's are the only true Human Race because of their Homogeneity of DNA.

All other groups of : subhuman apes - sand niggers - filthy damn asains - himalayan mongolian apes - wetbacks and fake ass jews have non-homogenous / heterogenous mongrelized and bastardized DNA and are not even a species ; or breed , much less a Race .

They are not human and are not entitled to any legal , moral ; or civil right's , much less any welfare or any other benefits.

There is no such thing as Racism because there is only " ONE TRUE RACE ON EARTH AKA WHITE RACE " ; therefore White's cannot be Racist toward any of the other non-white hordes of subhumanity or their fake ass jew kingpins.

Those FAJ / SOS and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhumanity , have never built any civilization and have never been able to maintain ; or sustain any semblance of a functional - organized - productive - creative - inventive - ethical - moral - hygenic and civil society in all their existence.

They are the seedline of satan and their purpose is to invade - parasite and vampire off the lifeblood of White Adamics worldwide.

Have you not noticed , that all mongrel nations of the world are flooding into every White Nation ??

They are : rapists - sodomites - parasites - thieves - cannibals - predators - arsonists - vandals - pedophiles - child abductors - pornographers - extortionists - communists - capitalists - uncontrollable breeders and mass murderers of White's , by nature and DNA.

The name of the FAJ / SOS game is : "" WHITE GENOCIDE ""

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