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Man's Ceiling Collapses On Him While Watching TV, Guy Seems To Give Zero Fucks

Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣One man watching television in his living area was almost buried beneath the ceiling after it collapsed suddenly. The man didn’t panic and instead of panicking, video footage showed him clearing the debris from the eyes so he could watch television.

“I’m alright,”Robert Gongora spoke to Inside Edition. “No, I didn’t get hurt. Nothing really gets me too excited.”

He said that the cause of the collapse was a leaky air conditioner system. “We didn’t realize, little by little, it was soaking into sheetrock, and it just gave way.”

Gongora’s bulldog, Chuck, sensed trouble was coming and left the space, but his owner was none the wiser.

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HereAmI 11 days ago

A female would have had a meltdown; a guy - no fucks.

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TruthSeeker16 2 months ago

The dog looked at him to see if he was going to react and moved out of the way just in time lol.

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TheBlueMule 2 months ago

I don't know mam, he's watching cnn. I think he had it coming.

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SD123 2 months ago

The dog got away clean. LOL

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Skunky Skunk
Skunky Skunk 2 months ago

looked like he may have been asleep when it fell. lol either way thats crazy

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