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Man Goes On Racist Tirade Against Asians In China Town, Gets Served Instant Justice

Published on 26 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Man Goes On Racist Tirade Against Asians In China Town, Gets Served Instant Justice
This was the moment another Asian-hating black got served some painful life lesson.

This happened in De Blasio's NYC, Chinatown.

A group of Chinese people walking across the street gets accosted by this guy screaming at them to go back to China.

One man of the group has had enough of the anti-Asian hate and throws fists at the racist.

Wonder if he'll ever do that again? Probably.

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ChrisCracc 2 months ago

Hit him harder.

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

Sorry niggers, but everyone hates you...Even your fellow heathen.

China is manipulated by Jew...And work against our people, so piss on those dog eaters...I have seen Japanese people defending our race, so I have no problem with them...Even the late great warrior-leader Hitler allied with the Japanese BECAUSE the emporer of Japan stated that the world would be a violent, chaotic hellhole without the white Christian nations.....Any who stand up for our race, and our right to exist as a nation and people, I pray God blesses them and gives them happiness in their own country....But niggers? NO ONE has done as much damage, or shed as much white blood as niggers EXCEPT the Jew! Niggers are an enemy of our people....And like the Jew and their heathen hordes, need to be driven from the west, or outright destroyed!

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DertJones 2 months ago

oh did the nig get a sucker punched? cant shed no tears on this one. the brown races seem to understand each other some how

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Cops had a meltdown when they couldn't charge anyone with assault as there were no white straight males anywhere in sight. Chink beatsdown nigger while woke women film it. Sheboon got so confused she had to go eat some kfc to calm down.

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SR42_SpicNazi 2 months ago

Fuck !

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UninformedConsent 2 months ago

Did he tell them to back to China? No sense of irony in that one.

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