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Man Now Barcoded by the Vaccine with a Product Number - Scanned with QR Code Reader

Melissa Lev
Published on 31 Aug 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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Soldier1 2 months ago (edited)

Oh wow. I was hospitalized about 3 yrs ago and had to wear a bracelet that got scanned every time anything was done, or I'd be given meds, etc. It made me very uncomfortable. This would be 100 times worse.

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scm_bacont 2 months ago

Fat fingers, unintentionally disliked...

My ex wife had to go through that with every cancer treatment she had...

I asked the nurse, "do you not know what you're giving her ahead of time?!?"...

I got some seriously incoherent answer that I couldn't even begin to quote...

We were both horrified by it after...

This nurse "treated" her (poisoned her) for over a year and couldn't figure out what poison to grab off the shelf?!?

It's definitely freaky...

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TheRealmcGoy1 2 months ago

I do not get the funny part ... wtf ...🤡

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