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Published on 23 Aug 2020 / In Censorship

Or watch this video
Or watch this Only be warned, it will shock you!
Or watch The Final Norse Saga video It's Ragnarok!
For more go to ~ Realm Defenders Team ~

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utubepariah 6 months ago

Could not watch but message received. God only knows what goes on in their government labs.

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WILLIAM 1 year ago

Greyfriars Bobby was given the freedom of the city and everybody fed him.If anyone had ever tried to harm him in any way they'd have been killed.As it should be for all dogs.They're the worlds worst liars as well and I love their honesty.My sister had a Newfoundland I took down to gravel pits and in she went.20 minutes later and I can't get her out and I'm getting worried.So I stripped off and went in to get her and she just swam to the other side .I swam after her and when I got out she dived straight back in again..Love that memory.

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HereAmI 1 month ago

There is a small bronze cast of Bobby just outside the entrance into the kirkyard.
It is heavily petted and very shiny from all the people coming to pet him.
I believe there is also a monument to a Russian dog in one of their metro stations, and I was told that students alight from their trains to stroke him for good luck whilst en route to their examinations.
But the world the writer refers to will come; it is called the Kingdom of Heaven, but it is not for white people per se, but for the children of God only; ie those white people who have openly confessed and preached the Name which is above every name; ie that of the Lord Jesus Christ, and who have obeyed His commandments.

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