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Martinez Perspective - Debating a Stupid African About Her Race's Failure.

Published on 30 Apr 2022 / In Niggers
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TheUnknownAryan 5 days ago

"Exploitation", she says as if her own tribe didn't do it to neighbour negroe tribes thousand years before European arrival to Africa, some of their leaders sold their own people for cash to arabs and jews and yet no one mentiones this historical fact. And slave owners were jews, someone should tell her to search on Duck duck go in the picture category about jewish role in black slavery. No one blames semites and turks for selling white European slaves but boo hoo, poor nigs, always victims

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TinyCow 2 months ago

what a pointless endeavor. you cant speak with niggers in a rational way as you would to explain to a child something they dont understand. you cant lead them to truth by having them use logic by their own accord and do a little introspection and self reflection. this man is casting his pearls among the swine. the only way you can mold their primitive brains is by compelling them to hate others for their own self interests; reason be damned.

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Raymo1 2 months ago

Oh man. This dude is such a fraud. He exposed himself as a hypocrite.

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Bokhides 2 months ago

How so?

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