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Martinez Perspective - Gender Studies Graduate Proves Why Women Shouldn't be Educated.

Published on 10 Feb 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi
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RedLady 4 months ago

Oftentimes when a woman 'reports' a sexual assault it's a result of her having second thoughts the next morning. Rather than admit she is a slut, she cries rape in order to be vindicated for her sluttiness.

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PFAER 5 months ago

Population in Africa in the '70s, 350 millions; in 2022 it's 1,35 billions. 'But they're poor and are starving to death, it's in my textbooks! You are brainwashed! You have cognitive dissonance! Read a book!'

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Allophylian 5 months ago

I left my tampon in the drive thru. I left my personality at a party and my virginity
in a wine cellar. But I still didn't recognize myself in the mirror. Until someone
pointed out the fact that I'm just a cunt

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EuropeanWarrior971 5 months ago

This woman is so dumb. Feminism is a cancer.

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