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Martinez Perspective - Purple-Haired Crackhead Gets White Power Treatment.

Published on 22 Feb 2022 / In Comedy
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Harry Knowledge123
Harry Knowledge123 8 months ago

dirty little cunts have the "MTV brains" where they think the disheveled hopeless convict look is sexually appealing.

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con88 9 months ago

this guy makes us pro whites look like fuckin idiots

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PaperHearts 7 months ago

@TheDon84: So there's this country in Europe called Spain. Then the Conquistadors went to spic land and gave them their last names.

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

@PaperHearts: yeah, I'm Spaniard by blood.

I am disappointed to hear native Indian animals (Mexicans) speak our language.

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Lego 1 month ago

No, that is not true. He simply provoked the Anti-Whites on Omegele, and now a bunch of White Nationalists are going on there to further fight for our Fascist-Futurist cause.

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FFT88 9 months ago

He's talked to this nigger loving retard before. She went on & on about Trump the last time.

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Charles_Martel 9 months ago

The demon didnt want to show her face.

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NewWorldCircus 10 months ago

It always starts with the parents

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