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Published on 24 Dec 2022 / In History


''⁣The Dennis Mahon Project is pleased to announce us returning back to digitizing our VHS collection. Which sadly was put on delay due to various reasons.

This one being of the Martyrs' Day II Conference held by the Canadian National Socialist group, Heritage Front.

Heritage Front having a pretty complicated history including its second-in-command found to have been a secret CSIS (Canadian CIA) Agent who was trying to get weapons for the group along with other wacky details.

Enjoy and more digitizing of our VHS collection will continue.

Hail Victory!''

⁣⁣Regarding bizarre comments on my channel at WTV

I have seen a lot of comments that I find bizarre - almost like I am an anti-White for sharing a documentary.

Well I share documentaries. I expect every person that watches these documentaries to understand that these documentaries isn't pro-White in nature. These are very often ''system documentaries''

Sharing a documentary doesn't mean that the person sharing agrees 100% on everything in the documentary.

I expect you to see the world for what it is. Seeing the whole picture.

Another person also argued something like that Timothy McVeigh was an system agent, lmao 😂

When I say I want to document history I also have to react. I Will not tolerate bizarre and historically incorrect comments like the ones ⁣described above.

Happy to share documentaries with you. If I had to play the same card, I could say that maybe it is system agents trying to create confusion for whatever reasons 😂🤔🤔

⁣I have set myself the goal to upload at least one documentary every day to World Truth Videos.

Feel free to share with friends.

For historical purposes. This channel, and every one associated with it, DON'T encourage White terror or mass murder. We simply share this content for the purpose of documenting history.

For more content like this:


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exposethejeugenda 26 days ago (edited)

look how far the enemy has progressed since this filming.....they have literally flooded us with aliens with the full intent of our eventual genocide. and continue to do so....the numbers per day never mentioned...22:00 she was amazing and inspiring....we need everyone to have this passion

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Bobdoblin 4 months ago

Invaders are offensive and should be removed

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