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Maryland's New Baby Murder Bill

Published on 15 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

Shocking. I would never support such an abhorrent bill... if it did not also provide a father's right to have the mother of his children executed, and also the right for fathers to execute their children up to age 21.

Why are sick folk not free to bypass doctors, and directly access a Gov funded Assisted Death Service?

The same reason Western governments generally don't execute criminals...

because Plantation Slavery is a business model requiring Plantation Slaves have a Pulse.

There's very little money in Dead plantation slaves.

Social diseases like crime and biological disease like cancer, or MonkeyPox
etc. are being monetised in the economy. You can buy shares in companies
Harvesting both, thus perversely Incentivising both to be Cultivated in
society, and the transformation of Earth into one giant cradle-to-grave
human farming pod dystopia as depicted in that movie, The Matrix, or a
giant Prison Colony, like Australia.

Über alles, Disease Harvesting apparatus seeks to perpetuate Disease Harvesting apparatus.

Prolonging any suffering maximises profit making opportunities offering
products/service to, "Relieve", that suffering, or "Correct" the afformentioned criminal etc.

Gov de facto dictates citizen's entire life; from who they must kill, to their minimum wage, what percentage of their income Gov can harvest, which chemicals companies can use to poison them, what they can read, their breeding behaviour, how many of their children Gov can abduct, where they can live, their freedom of association, what Unions they can & can't leave, their
freedom to discriminate in the interests of themselves/their family by
any/all characteristics, who they must serve in their business or
welcome into their community, what violence they can/can't use in
protection of their Castle, Kith & Kin, which healthcare they're
allowed to access, when they can die... just like every other Slave
owner in history.

Manifestly, the UK/US never abolished slavery, they abolished Competition to Monopolisation of The Slave Market by Gov & a carefully curated selection of their closest corporate cronies.

All Hail, The Managed Plantation Slave Economy.

Where would we be without it.

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happyapple4 5 months ago

It is evil. The elites want the baby blood and parts.

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Locutus59 9 months ago

Who created and sponsored this bill? Gotta be a F.A.J.

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