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Mass Shooting Happens, Raleigh Police Violate Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Published on 15 Oct 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Mrgunsngear Channel on the Shooting tonight in North Carolina.

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DeathToJWO 4 months ago

Gotta love how the media constantly tells us how the world is just getting more and more dangerous everyday as they try to strip our ability to defend ourselves...

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constitution_89 5 months ago

Hey, Thanks for uploading this video and secondly because I'm subbed to his channel onJouTube it just reminded me that I haven't gotten a Notification from him in a long time and am over here because I'm SICK of JouTube's Censorship. I will now subscribe to your channel here and Thanks again!!

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jimmyhugo 5 months ago

i would say maybe five percent of americans think about the bill of rights in their daily interactions. right and wrong comes from celebrites/celebrity politicians

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.45ACP 5 months ago

False flag. NC Senate seat is open. Ted Budd is a white VERY pro 2nd amendment candidate and sherry Beasley is a black female marxist.

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SlowBurnTM 5 months ago

It does have that aroma.

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DTGKSonofGod 5 months ago

Here is the core problem , why White people cannot have a safe and prosperous society :

""PIG SHIT"" !!

Here is the reason we have a stasi communist police state in all our White Adamic Israelite Nations :

Our Nations have been thoroughly infiltrated and commandeered by the : FAJ / SOS / GOG !

We are now ruled over and occupied by : ""ZOG""

Those pig shit :{ state - local - federal }: and their so called jobs , were created to serve - defend and protect all fake ass jews :{ all their tribes }: - their 9 billion non white invading and weaponized sub-humanity and their illegal - criminal - unconstitutional and communist activities in all White Adamic Israelite Nations.

Pig shit were also hired to enforce all the fake ass jews anti-white policies / programs / protocols e.g,....

kalergi plan -
herbert apthekers negro revolts -
cloward and piven -

pig shit are a personal security guard / police , that ensure the safety of all : FAJ / SOS / GOG and non white's .

pig shit receive their 30 pieces of silver , for allowing the non white hordes , to have their way with whitey !!

You see !

Those f....g pig shit would not have a job :{ or job security }: if it weren't for all the hundreds of millions of criminal and lawless sub-humanity flooding into our White Nations.

So they sit in their f....g pig cars at the ends of the street ; or in a gas station parking lot or restaurant and wait for their dispatch to call them and alert them of another brutal rape - murder or kidnapping of a White child - female - adult - elderly person .

They wouldn't have a f.....g job , if it weren't for all the millions of innocent and defenseless White Victims !!

You can clearly see , that those pig shit and their allegiance is to their free masonic order - fake ass jew kingpins and the 9 billion non white horde of invading and weaponized sub-humanity !!

They are a Rampart of defense for all the enemies of our White Adamic Israelite Race !!

Get this straight , here and now , fellow White Brethren !!

None ! And I mean : ""NONE"" of those so called police , are your friends !!!

They are 10 times more dangerous and destructive to our :

freedom -
safety -
security -
peace -
Law and Order -
prosperity -

Than all fake ass jews and their 9 billion non white invading and weaponized sub-humanity !!

They are the #1 Threat and Barrier to our very lives - the lives of our families and children - adults and elderly and the Restoration of Law - Order - Civility - White Solidarity - And an All White Society and Nation !!

It's our own :

rapes ,
abductions ,
car jackings ,
brutal and savage assaults ,
robberies ,
torture ,
arson ,
vandalism ,
mutilation ,
destruction of cities ,
towns ,
neighborhoods ,
schools ,
businesses ,
universities ,
shopping malls ,
movie theatres ,
restaurants ,
parks ,
zoos ,
entertainment facilities ,
theme parks ,

That provides a blood money f....g income , to all those f.....g white traitor pig shit , in all our white nations !!

They aren't in the business to serve - defend and protect their own families - race and nations !!

They are in the business for the sole purpose of ::

Germans -
Anglo Saxons -
Celtics -
Nordic -
Scandinavians -

We Need to have all so called law enforcement defunded and disbanded immediately !!

Why ??

They are not Law Enforcement !

They are their fake ass jew kingpins contract killers !!


And White people are their #1 targeted victims !!

Crimes against White people , puts food on their f....g tables and clothes on their spineless coward ass broken backs !!!!

Yahweh's Messenger has Spoken !!

Good Day !!!

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jimmyhugo 5 months ago

A good day to you too!!

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