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Massive protests have erupted all across Italy, where over a million workers have gone on strike

Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics
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1933HWR1945 10 days ago

Wait a second. The media showed us the same hospital room with the same group of people dying for over a year in Italy. If we listened to the MSM they'd have us believe everyone is dead of the Scamdemic in Italy.

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pastprovespresent 10 days ago

I see a lot of communists. That's not comforting! I hope they are not all in this march.

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

The more the better! 👍🏻

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pastprovespresent 9 days ago

In general, I agree, the more the better for this cause. However, seeing so many communists makes me concerned that it's to tip the scales and call in martial law. Since we know the root of communism, beyond the blind misinformed souls, Yes, I question this. Everyone united is great, so long as "they" aren't leading it and it is truely everyone united.

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