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Maybe the guy just does not like niggers

Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Black Man And His Family Are Told To Leave NYC Eatery For Not Having Their COVID Papers, Man Fight Back
A black customer trying to have a meal with his family was told to leave for not having his vaccination papers in NYC.

Mayor DeBlasio signed a decree ordering all bars and restaurants to require proof of vaccination papers but this man was having none of it.

Watch as no one in the eatery stands up for the man and his family but rather show hostility towards him. One man gave him the finger.

This is the new segregation as the man says but white, NYC liberals love it.

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donmega187 24 days ago

He ain't a nigger. He's a patriot. That other guy giving him the finger though, he's the nigger. The sad thing is now the owner can kick them out for being unruly, cos every private business can choose their customers. Anyway, it's worth it. Freedoms are always worth fighting for. Don't hate the man for his race if he's on your side on this issue, he can be a strong ally.

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jamesonjohn45 24 days ago

Shut up nigger. White people are trying to eat in peace lol.

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LieutenantRatatat 19 days ago

If they don't support freedom, they aint white.

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anomaly 30 days ago

I'm going to say something that you'll probably never hear me say again: The nigger is right.

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A_Sword_of_Truth 30 days ago

dude's a JEW. look at the NOSE on that mug!

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Freedom 30 days ago

Can't he offer a legit argument without bringing racism into it as a card he plays.

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donmega187 24 days ago (edited)

Yeah that's a cliche, but... This was one of the best uses of the race card. It really throws them off. Nice to see it once used against the enemy, those covid disciples.

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