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meanwhile in a rare reversal of roles a Black Man films White men having some fun

Published on 24 Dec 2021 / In Uncategorized

..i wonder if this nigger goes home and uploads this to nigger equivalent of wtv and files this one under crakkers

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6miljuice 1 year ago

My favourite part is when after the guy hit him he took off in less than 0.75 seconds. Obviously he didn’t want to stick around to receive criminal charges.

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brmillgr 1 year ago

nice check hook

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BrantfordNews 1 year ago

Never relax around crakkers. Lol. Funny shit hocuspocusfocus.

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BrantfordNews 1 year ago

He could label it a wimp out.

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You should always hit the people that interfere between you and the opponent first as fast as possible. Even if its one of your friends, they set you up for a lucky punch like that. Better to disengage for a minute and position somewhere else on the flank

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