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meanwhile in wakanda...

Published on 18 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

high level wakanda practices...

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IdahoBen 6 days ago

Damn, I can't eat my tater tots now...

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Spectralwulf 8 days ago

That's too close of a relationship to have with an animal. Only an animal would do that. Someone should devise a mock charity to send vibrating dildos to these Africans so they don't have to eat-out their cows anymore. That cow-sucker may one day eat that cow - even after having an intimate relationship. That is just so wrong and utterly disgusting. Fuckin Savages! 🤢🤮

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NeVerRelaX01 8 days ago

when he aint gang banging he is tending his beast

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Bond0077 8 days ago

everyone now knows that niggers invented the golden shower

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WhiteNight 8 days ago

wakan-DA..... sheeit.... A..Mean... are you selling secrets of our high techniLOGY and culture N custom ???? I sue you.....LOL

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