medically assisted dying for the mentally ill

Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

Lauren Southern

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Ogre 10 days ago (edited)

At least it is news before it is news, paying critical attention to kikes.
"...Know your enemy..." -Sun Tzu

Best thing to prevent suicides is first and foremost to keep people away from the claws of the psychiatric industrial complex and their chemical lobotomy "meds" (many lists nervous breakdowns and suicide as mere "side effects"). The entire DSM is only a compendium of descriptions of perfectly normal human personality traits, there called "mental sufferings". "Mentall illness" is first and foremost a world relation problem to a very problematic world, What they first and foremost need, is someone to talk to, Someone that bother to listen and help them ask themselves the questions and inputs needed to process their own relations to whatever they can do with them. Todays psychiatry most, just chemically burn away parts of their brain able to process whatever particular problematic topics . That aint good enough to even consider as an option.

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LeniRiefenstahl 10 days ago


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SirDigbyChickenCesar 11 days ago

(((Lauren Southern))) forgot to mention that the state sanctioned murder/"medically assisted dying for the mentally ill" is only going to be offered to TAX RAPED whites if the whites might not be TAX RAPEABLE anymore and she forgot to mention that it is her tribe behind this.

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MeineEhre 11 days ago

She tries so hard to be white lol.

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nimblehorse 11 days ago

she had a nose job to look less jewy

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LeniRiefenstahl 11 days ago

@nimblehorse: i was hesitant in putting her up!

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chucky8787 11 days ago

I do not like (((her))) either. I think it may have even been born a male. Jew tranny
What it says is true about euthanizing the mentally ill though.
Couple that with Ontario Canada recommending doctors label patients who refuse the vaccine as mentally ill.
Put you on heavy duty meds that make you a vegetable then kill you as an act of mercy because you are a vegetable.

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