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Published on 05 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣Corrupt Lying Politicians And Celebrities Who Supported The Covid Poison Jew Juice Blood Clot Jab

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DTGKSonofGod 1 month ago

The only ones that are appointed as president , are those who were compromised long before they were ever appointed !

epsteen is the one who compromised them via lolita express .

Once those selected useful idiot and bogus presidents were appointed ; the fake ass jews would swing the hidden video evidence in front of them .

Why would they do this ??

So all appointed and compromised presidents , follow the ZOG party line , all the way to the end !

If they refuse to follow the ZOG party line , they will do an Abraham Lincoln - McKinnely - Garfield - Kennedy on them !!

All of those so called presidents are bought this way ; threatened via blackmail , to act as proxies , to advance and fulfill the fake ass jews globalist anti-white agenda !!

What are the : FAJ / SOS / GOG / MAGOG Agenda ??

Destruction of Christian Civilization -
Destruction of Christianity -
Culling of the entire earthly population of White Adamic Israelite's ::

Germans -
Anglo Saxons -
Celtics -
Nordic -
Scandinavians -

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K43K98 1 month ago

Pretty sure the whole world is going to like the anti christ. Trump doesnt have that kind of following.

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DTGKSonofGod 1 month ago

The so called individual anti-christ is nothing but judeo-christian -zionistic false religion BS !

All so called jews are collectively satan / antichrist / leviathen / devil / serpent / dragon , this is basic scriptural theology 101 .

Look up :

Listen to these podcasts entirely :


You will soon discover who those so called jews and their 9 billion non white invading and weaponized sub-humanity really are ; likewise , you will learn who the True Chosen Race / People are aka ::

White Adamic Israelite Race : { Germans - Anglo Saxons - Celtics - Nordic - Scandinavians }:

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Bond0077 1 month ago

we could a great job of programming those cluster drones to target aquire just people with jew noses for a start. then all the niggers

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jimmyhugo 1 month ago

msm even bragging recently how they gave one of the middle aged white men who went to jan 6 because of the semitic orange ten years prison

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