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Mel Gibson's Jewish Question full Interview_

Published on 24 Nov 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media


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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 4 days ago

Jewish television is unbearably disgusting

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Sibbeloth 5 days ago

Never apologize and always double down on the jews.

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WhiteNight 8 days ago

gibson balls were in a vice so what do you expect he would say................

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Sanguinius 8 days ago

The spirit told the truth, Mel wasn't man enough to run with it.

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whitepride73 8 days ago

poor Mel having to grovel and make up excuses. this whole drinking BS who cares everybody drinks and is belligerent and he's spot on with what he said. it's the truth so what's the problem? what a fucked up world. fuck the jews, fuck the niggers, fuck the chinks fuck them all - they're way worse in their private chatter and hidden meetings then this childish thing Mel said. OH NO better not mention the "jews" or everything will go to hell! fuck that. fuck off!!!! put these fucking parasites in their place in the ovens and leave laughing.

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