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Melbourne Police Shooting People and Unlawful Arrest

Published on 29 Sep 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Australia, the "Land of the Free".

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Paulsmithatkins 1 year ago

Only one thing Useless State Idiots will ever understand and its not peaceful protests.

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aLIFEofLIES 1 year ago

So tell me. Why hasn’t the local citizenry done their homework? You know. Like dinging out who the local cops are. Where their wives work and shop? Where their kids go to school? And you have let them know you know who they are haven’t you? The badge behaves when they know there will be consequences

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You can put your money on most of them being Freemasons or connected to a nest of small hats,watch the masonic lodges around your area and see who's going in and out all the time, most will be judges, solicitors, doctors, military, police and government politicians and lackeys. It was the first port of call when the National Socialists took power.

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