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Messerschmit2 ya for real

Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles

my new lufftewaffe
ya really

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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

I can use some help with this project. As I said this plane will be restored and painted like a 1942 Messerschmit Bf-109 g-6 and pulling a sign Hitler was Right.
I’m not asking for Jew money , I know I’m not allowed to have money because I don’t work hard enough not bothered to improve my own mind with an education.
So that being said
Land / garages and any unused fuel and airplane parts , books and rollback type trucks are welcome.
Paint too
I’ll have to quit my stupid job to finish these projects and as always this antiquated shit never makes money nor appeals to the fugal Jew loving pc .
So if you have a small oil well or refinery?
I can fly from well to well or refinery to refinery. That’s why I bought this . To keep the logistics between fuel sources within national and race , before the monopoly excludes the rejected one’s destined to be replaced and extinct.
Ya for real

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Ante88 1 month ago

I have some A/N fittings you can have they are brand new and different sizes some steel but most are aluminum I can ship them if you are interested Cheers!

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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

It’s stuff like that , that makes a project work . I’m in Arizona now - I gotta get $600 to get things going , title search / rollback truck and disassemble/ move plane to garage it will be a few weeks—- winter coming- till I start getting numbers off parts and seals . If you don’t mind the wait don’t throw anything out - I’ll pay shipping. I’m still waiting on radiator for Oldsmobile “ lost in shipping “
Thank You very much my address is
Richard Strach
P.O. Box 1543
Plains Pa
18701/ 18705

Plains ya Correct spelling not typo
The airplane is across the river from my garage I wanna try to fly it - enough room on street to land. Oh ya it’s like 1914 @Ante88:

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WitChKinG 1 month ago


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Messerschmit2 1 month ago

Gimmie some credit for trying?!?!?
My oil well and refinery idea is still in the drawing table as is the cross country 70hr week driving ... and the used car / repair shop is actually making money for the first time in 7 years.
Have some faith , $40, 000 for FAA approved engine
15,000 for fusalage repair
12,000 for ground school and 5000 hrs flight
10,000 insurance and charters
$5000 tires and escrow

About $82,000 to get everything legal

One VW engine and bailing wire— $ priceless

Painting like a real BF - 109 g6 -?1941 era

Sign pulling =[ Hitler was/ is Right]

For real no bullshit , going out in style

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