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MGTOW and why I want to kill all of my enemies because they are my enemies,regardless of which other various traits they share

Published on 12 Dec 2021 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

If you are my enemy Fuck you
I'm not interested in making friends with the world the "BAD TIMES" are upon us now is the time for war the good times are already over
It's time to either get over yourself get over your bullshit or get in line. I have billions of enemies if you wanna add yourself to the list go right on ahead it changes nothing
I'm willing to accept lots of different types of people but there's lots of types of that not only will I not accept,they won't accept me. So instead of taking their shit I'll just shove a spear through them or unload some buckshot into them fuck it like I care about them
I only give a shit about the people who are on board or who can let go of the stupid propaganda and start actually participating in real feasible permanent solutions. Guess what none of the solutions are pretty they all involve killing and torturing people and burning their society to the ground and taking their women for ourselves if they won't give up their bullshit god or their bullshit propaganda.
You can't make friends with everyone. We are all divided and there is no bringing everyone back together it's never gonna happen it's a fairy tale throw it away and move on. They are your enemies because they want to be your enemies,they will not compromise they only want to force you under THEIR boot instead of the governments boot. Pretty shitty choice either way so I say fuck them
I will never worship their god,you will never worship their god,neither of us want ourselves and everyone like us to die forever we don't agree with the genocide,we don't agree with the church and their puritanical bullshit.
We are all still strong white men who want to fight back,together and defeat this Marxist globalist system and erase their god from this earth. Their god demands total submission of the entire human race they won't be satisfied until every other belief system is erased from the earth forever,that is the primary goal of all Judeo-Christian Isalmic Religions.
This means they will never leave us alone they will never allow our cultures,our gods,our atheism, or any of our WHITE belief or philosophical systems to exist in the future. No matter what they will always be working towards destroying everything except the JEWISH MIDDLE EASTERN BROWN CULTURE AND GOD of the JEWS
If GOD is allowed to exist and be worshiped every other culture every other faith every other belief system on the planet will be at risk of being lost forever
And so it's not just the Marxists and anti white hate mobs and the foreigners of another species who have to be dealt with. Those who worship the Jewish god no matter what religion have got to go. Either they never worship that god or his son ever again and never utter another line of scripture or they get another choice. Die or be enslaved,tongue cut out never allowed to have paper or a pen whipped if they are caught writing scripture in the dirt with a stick fed to wild animals. I'm talking full on purge of all those who worship that god.
I wanna watch as most of them abandon their god when their feet at put to the fire. I wanna watch them break when they figure out that GOD and JEWSUS are not worth literally burning to death,or being impaled or any other various long and painful execution methods.
Yes the insane rabid black and brown and muslim people who want to wipe us white people out of existence have to go. But that doesn't mean people are our friends just because they are white. We have plenty of white enemies too,from Bible Thumpers to Simps and Marxists there's plenty of them who need to die too. I adress all of the puritans and the Hardcore Nazi's who lock the doors to their echo chamber.....and the religious right because somebody needs to adress the elephant in the room.
What's the elephant in the room? We are already divided and we're not peacefully coming together it's not gonna happen. We non believers and degenerates and Demons aren't at fault for this divide. It's the Puritans,the Religious,and yes many of the Nazi's as well but not all of them......remember not ALL Nazi's are our enemies but YES all religious people are our enemies until they stop worshiping god
This is just how it is. We didn't start this war,I didn't decide the terms of this war.....But I damned hell intend to fight it and win!

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Lawi 1 month ago

With all that's going own within the Adamite Nations, we have been provided Cartoon Porn. I smell Cainoid.

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TheDemonKing 1 month ago

Fuck you it's not PORN
All these women are clothed
None of them are Nude
Thus not porn
Also why do you fuckers hate porn so much? Does it make your PEEPEE go flacid whenever you see a hot women in lingerie?
Stop blaming pictures of hot women and stop blaming porn for all the problems caused by female empowerment
Under Christian rule everyone empowered women in the name of "All souls are equal in the eyes of god" and some foolish desire to SIMP as hard as possible for these spoiled modern women.
Your the ones who caused these problems when you got rid of Patriarchy
Patriarchy is the answer,the pictures of hot CLOTHED women shown during my videos isn't causing any problems. it isn't harmful it doesn't do anything bad to society
Stop being a Puritan and just embrace your own MALE HUMAN NATURE

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TheDemonKing 1 month ago

And I'm a Norse Scandanavian
Fuck every BROWN middle eastern tribe in your stupid fucking bible I'm not related to any of those mother fuckers and neither are you

Are you WHITE?
If the answer is yes you don't have any middle eastern anscestry
So stop worshiping their JEWISH god
Get up off your knees or die on your knees it's your choice

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Lawi 1 month ago

The Magnificent Adam-man
Cush (Greek: Ethiopia), means sun-burnt
Phoenicians described by the Greeks, as fair-haired, fair-skinned people
Persia means Lord of the Aryans now renamed IRAN
Zimbabwe once known as Rhodesia
Chicongo once known as Chicago
12 Tribes passed through the Caucasus Mountains
(i)ssac's Sons / Saxons / Anglo-Saxons / Europe / Australia / New Zealand / North America / First World

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TheDemonKing 1 month ago

@Lawi : There's already physical evidence we've dug up that proves white people lived in the north lands and europe long before your bible says the world ever existed.
When the Jews of your bible didn't exist yet we already had civilizations
The world was not created by your stupid god. And white people did not come to europe and scandanavia from the middle east.
Stop looking for falsehoods and bullshit to justify your bullshit god and your bullshit bible.
Grow up and accept the truth.there is no god,your daddy and grandmomma were wrong about Jewsus and god and they were doing the wrong thing when they indoctrinated you into worshiping the god of your enemy
All of you need to stop endlessly repeating this fucking outright lie that white people are "the real Jews" from the middle east. IT'S NOT TRUE IT'S A JEWISH LIE
You'll all talk all day about every single other Jewish deception, but the elephant in the room is that your Christian religion is exactly that,another Jewish deception
Face the truth you were lied to every day by your own family and all the other people who were close to you. Face the truth and move on. Free yourself from the chains your enemy has wrapped across your mind

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Lawi 1 month ago

@TheDemonKing: The word Jew was invented in 1775.
NO JEW wrote one word of the Bible, using Jew logic to 'place everything at great distances' in the past is not the answer.
If you re going to try and Debunk the Bible you should actually read it and remove the 27,000 error placed in there by revisionist Jews. kk thx
12 Tribes passed through the Caucasus Mountains
(i)ssac's Sons / Saxons / Anglo-Saxons / Europe / Australia / New Zealand / North America / First World

Look around, as described in REV 12:15, the Serpent (Jews) produce the Flood from his mouth (everything not white) after the women (white Nations, genocide).

Let me introduce you to the Serpent Seed. O \/\/\/\//\

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TheDemonKing 1 month ago

@Lawi : Dude I'm a Demon,I am the fucking serpent
And insulting your own holy religious texts makes you look even worse.
I don't give a fuck when the word Jew was invented my enemy is your god,as far as I'm concerned you're all my enemies regardless of what name you call yourselves
You worship that god,that is enough for me

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