MI6 is targeting Women and Minorities in latest ad campaign.

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Conspiracies

Imperialism needs more Diversity?

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DOOR44 2 years ago

corporate little cucks who spy for the big buck. latter kicked aside cause they really don't give a fuck. all the weak are on top now.

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Sven 2 years ago

Fuck Die-Versity and all you white traitors. You will lose in the end.

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franciscopollardo 2 years ago

Listen up Caucasian Brits. Fight like Braveheart -William Wallace did. Go in force to pick a fight with the Police or Muslims. upon the charge by the Police or the Muslims, have tall spears hidden in your crowd and when the enemy gets close at your men as you run back to your lines, out come the long ass sharpened wood spears 30 feet long. Just watch as the Mussis or the cops run into the spears. as soon as the sprear get placed the rear and those behind the front lines of the enemy will be pushed right into the spears. Take all weapons and uniforms off of the copes. Be sure to carry ice-picks to finish the job on the enemy. Have a pre-planed escape route.. Use the sewer lines and be sure to use the roofs of homes to bombard the enemy below. Take back your land or you will continue to be brainwashed, raped, killed and imprisoned. Good luck.

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