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Michael Savage On The Autism Hoax

Published on 19 Apr 2022 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

And before you jump in yes, I know what his real name and lineage is. When one of them goes against the preferred narrative then it is worth listening to. Please keep that in mind before trying to discredit it on that reason alone. Michael Savage was almost taken off the air at the behest of the (((medical establishment))) for these blunt but accurate observations.

Autism is a racket and a fake mental disorder, as is ADHD and OCD. Prior to the 1990's virtually nobody had it until the criteria was drastically changed to

1. Infantalize the young adult and adolescent population by enabling their lack of development as well as pathologizing normal, healthy behaviors.
2. Create the demand for increased funding of failing public schools with incompetent teachers.
3. Mask the possible causes of genuine mental and physical health issues exhibited among young children which may be attributable to vaccines, flouridation, toxic products, etc.

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Schmetterling 30 days ago

Done a lot of research on ADHD and Autism Spectrum. Interesting I found there is a positive correlation of those suffering from Thyroid disorders also have higher chance of having ADHD/ADD. Loads of Endocrine Inhibitors in chemicals in our foods, products and environment all thanks to these monsters. Amazing when you decrease these chemicals in your daily exposure via diet etc your symptoms decrease. First they create the problem, tell you what they say it is then offer a profitable solution for themselves.

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